About data

Where do the data come from?

  • The data about parties and donators are extracted manually from the annual reports of political parties which are under the Act No. 424/1991 Coll. freely accessible in the Office of the Czech Chamber of Deputies. Dary za rok 2017 pocházejí z webu hlidacstatu.cz.
  • Basic information about the companies machinely from the ARES (Ministry of Finance) a RES (Czech Statistical Office), Justice (Ministry of Justice).
  • The data about public procurements, subsidies, collective seats etc. are obtained from the freely available sources such as Věstník veřejných zakázek, Seznam příjemců dotací MMR, RES. Then we clean the data and edit them. For details see Public procurement, Collective seats
  • Podklady o firmách s nedohledatelnými a zahraničními vlastníky byly čerpány z OR a aplikace Cribis.

Can I freely use the data?

Yes, the data accessible on the portal are public and it is still possible to use them. The only necessary condition of using is the correct citation of the politickefinance.cz as a source. In the case of using the data on the Internet it is also necessary to specify the link to suitable profile of the respective donor, party, etc. on the website. However, we do not guarantee the correctness of the data and he is not even responsible for the eventual losses related to using of the data. Tha data can be displayed using the web application or download complete database of donations, or obtain the from machine-readable interface.

Can the data change over time? Are you going to update them?

We update the data once a year following the release of the new annual reports or we eventually correct the mistakes originated from the transcription (we do not correct the mistakes in the annual reports because we respect our source). Within our possibilites, we try to add also smaller political parties and the data coming from the previous years. However, PolitickeFinance.cz is a nonprofit project and its onward working and updating is directly dependent on the obtained grants and donations. If you like what we do, we would be happy when you could support us by a contribution. (the widget is in the footer). It is impossible to do even a nonprofit project free of charge.


Operated by EconLab z.s.. All the provided information come from either freely available sources or are outcomes of academic research. The provider does not guarantee correctness neither is not liable for any damages resulting from using the data from this website.

The ranking of political parties' funding was supported by the Embassy of United States in Prague.