About Project

The main intention of the portal PolitickeFinance.cz is to clearly present the information about the financing of the political parties and their donors. We collect them from the freely available sources, especially from the annual reports of the political parties which are, however, accessible only in the Library of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (more in section About data).

Since 2014, the website has been ran by Centrum aplikované ekonomie, o.s.. It was created in 2013 for Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic as a result of the applied research. After the research ended up, the portal was shifted under the roof of the Centre. Since the beginning, the technical issues has been done by our affiliated company Datlab s.r.o., which is specializing in public sector data research and processing.

The development of the original version of the portal was financed by the Ministry of the Interior within the project „Reducing security threats from corruption and organized crime in the Czech Republic“. Its significant extension in 2014 was contributed by The Otakar Motejl´s Fund. The financing of the portal operating, further extension and the data collection after November 2014 is not established at the moment. You can contribute to the portal operating and extension in the footer. Thank you.


Operated by EconLab z.s.. All the provided information come from either freely available sources or are outcomes of academic research. The provider does not guarantee correctness neither is not liable for any damages resulting from using the data from this website.

The ranking of political parties' funding was supported by the Embassy of United States in Prague.